Remember Caesar

In the 1620s, Richard Weston Earl of Portland was living in Roehampton.

There's an unlikely story about Weston and his house, told by his contemporary Lord Clarendon: Weston had promised the Earl of Tullibardin to employ a man named Caesar as a clerk. To make sure Weston wouldn't forget the promise, Tullibardin put a slip of paper in his pocket: "Remember Caesar".

Unfortunately, Weston didn't find the paper for weeks - and by then he had no idea what it was about. He panicked, and decided that it must be a warning: there must be an assassination plot against him, like the one against Julius Caesar! He retreated into his home, setting guards on all his gates day and night.

It was weeks before the Earl of Tullibardin happened to visit, and could explain what had happened...

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Story source: Daniel Lysons, The Environs of London Volume I