Red Scum

In the middle of the 1970s, the National Front (an ancestor of the British National Party) circulated a newspaper for their members with a list of "Red Scum in Wandsworth." It gave the addresses of the "scum", with predictable results: one person on the list got a brick through their window, another got a petrol soaked rag through their letter box.

One of the houses on the list was on Rossiter Road in Balham. The woman living there received threatening phone calls and post: used toilet paper, swastikas, a picture of a rat with a flag on a dung heap.

She lived with a series of baking trays under her letter box for several weeks until a new "scum" list was produced that included the address of broadcaster Jonathan Dimbleby. The police, who had previously been slow to respond, got involved, and finally the baking trays went back into the kitchen (after a good scrub...).

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Story source: Caroline Ayerst.