The Protest

Putney Vale is nestled between Wimbledon Common and Richmond Park, a small and quiet community; but just to one side roars the A3.

For years, the residents of Putney Vale could only cross the road by zebra crossing - and cars on the A3 weren't always helpful enough to stop. And then as the road got busier and busier, and the traffic got worse and worse, it became more and more dangerous to cross.

The residents requested a bridge or an underpass, but nothing changed, until eventually the residents decided enough was enough. They marched out onto the A3 with signs and went back and forth, back and forth; some even sat down in place and refused to move until shifted by the police.

Their protest bore fruit, and there is now an underpass from one side of the A3 to the other.

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Picture by Wandsworth Borough News
Story source: interview with Putney Vale Residents Association