Hester Piozzi

1741: Hester Salusbury was born to a Welsh family of high social standing. 1763: she married a wealthy brewer and became Hester Thrale. She lived in a house in Streatham Park and surrounded herself with famous writers and up-and-coming novelists: Fanny Burney, Oliver Goldsmith, Samuel Johnson. Johnson even asked that one hundred bricks be left lying around in the garden, as he could "think of no better place for Chimistry in fair weather, than the pump side in the kitchen Garden".

1781: her husband died; and she married Gabriel Piozzi, her music teacher. Piozzi was poor, and foreign, and a Roman Catholic; and to Johnson in particular, this wouldn't do. When asked about her years later, Johnson said: "I drive her quite out of my mind. If I meet with one of her letters, I burn it instantly."

Piozzi, unperturbed, published her reminisces of Johnson anyway.

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