Friendless Boys

In 1852, on Spanish Road, the Friendless Boys' Home was established - a home for 200 boys aged 10 to 16 who "have lost their character or are in danger of losing it"./ The boys learnt carpentry, shoemaking, and how to look after a steam engine. They also learnt, among other things, how to garden, how to look after horses, and how to make wheel-shaped fire-lighters.

The Surrey Industrial School, nearby, was a similar institution for "homeless and destitute boys not convicted of crime". Elsewhere in Wandsworth, charities included the Brown Animal Sanatory Institution and the Incorporated Homes for Ladies of Limited Income.

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Picture by students from Westbridge School, Year 3
Story sources: Edward Walford, Old and New London, Volume 6. Herbert Fry, Royal Guide to the London Charities, 1917.