The Battersea Fireball

Battersea Power Station's dramatic chimneys are an important part of Wandsworth's skyline, though the building's been empty for many years. Every now and then, though, it comes into use: for a festival, a performance, a film.

Haneen Hammou reports sitting at home on Eid's eve, 2007, looking out at the power station. Suddenly an explosion came - a huge boom, fire and smoke. Hammou recalls a "mushroom cloud of angry reds and orange".

Across Battersea, residents worried: was it a terrorist attack? A gas pipe blowing up? It wasn't until the next morning that they found out, soothed by newspapers: film-makers had been filming the climactic scene of the movie "The Dark Knight", complete with dramatic explosion.

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Story source: story from Haneen Hammou