Battersea Bridge

Battersea Bridge! Located as it is on a sharp bend in the river, it's been the site of more than its fair share of collisions... but as far as inconvenience and danger are concerned, the Battersea Bridge of today isn't a patch on the old Battersea Bridge that preceded it.

Old Battersea Bridge was built in 1771. It was long, narrow and wooden; and it had nineteen arches, meaning that each individual arch was so narrow that boats frequently had trouble making their way through. As a result, the bridge was often closed for repairs, and travellers had to resort to a ferry instead.

Travellers on the bridge weren't safe, either - in 1844 a woman on the bridge was murdered in sight of one of the toll collectors, who declined to intervene because both she and her attacker had paid their tolls.

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Picture by James McNeill Whistler: Nocturne in Blue and Gold
Story source: Battersea Bridge (wikipedia).