Hello! This is a project about some of the things that have happened in Wandsworth - odd little bits of history, unexpected spies, startling telescopes, fires, rivers, parks, duels and all that sort of thing.

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The Mayor of Garrat
In the eighteenth century, many people couldn't vote in the General Elections - but in the tiny Wandsworth village of Garrat, the people decided to use election day to choose a local mayor to take...
Fishing in Putney
Applying for a fishing licence can be a bit of a pain - but in the seventeenth century, things were much more complicated. In Putney, you could obtain the right to fish in the Thames in exchange for...
Lascars in Wandsworth
In the early nineteenth century, thousands of Lascars settled in Britain. The word Lascars was a European term for the many non-European seamen who were recruited to work on merchant ships as they...
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