Hello! This is a project about some of the things that have happened in Wandsworth - odd little bits of history, unexpected spies, startling telescopes, fires, rivers, parks, duels and all that sort of thing.

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The Pardon
In 1392, Richard II wanted to borrow £1000 from the citizens of London. They turned him down. In fact, they didn't just turn him down: when a man from Lombardy offered to lend the money to the king...
Near where the Southside Shopping Centre is now, there used to be much smaller shops. In the 1920s, Gwen Copeland would earn money by doing the shopping for her neighbours, and then spend it in the...
Francis Grose
Mulberry Cottage, on Wandsworth Common, was the home of Francis Grose - a writer from the eighteenth century who was particularly passionate about words. His best-known work, .A Classical Dictionary...
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