Hello! This is a project about some of the things that have happened in Wandsworth - odd little bits of history, unexpected spies, startling telescopes, fires, rivers, parks, duels and all that sort of thing.

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The Fire-Proof House
Ever set a house on fire deliberately? How about while the king and queen were inside, eating breakfast? One Putney Heath resident did just this, in 1774 - not out of any republican fervour, but as a...
The Fire
In the early 1940s, Gwen Copeland was living on the upper floor of a house in Haldon Road, with her 12-week-old daughter; and one night she woke up to find the house was on fire...
Hester Piozzi
1741: Hester Salusbury was born to a Welsh family of high social standing. 1763: she married a wealthy brewer and became Hester Thrale. She lived in a house in Streatham Park and surrounded herself...
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